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World Hunger Is Over: If You Want It

In the face of a rising global population and impending resource shortages, the move away from meat and other animal products has never been more crucial.

According to a new piece by The Huffington Post, UN officials believe this move even has the power to help end hunger altogether:
Today half the world’s agricultural land is used for livestock farming, which is far less efficient for feeding people—and worse for the environment—than producing grain, fruit and vegetables for direct human consumption.
While the number of hungry people has declined in the last few decades, “with the global population expected to climb to 8.5 billion by 2030, from 7.3 billion now, and climate change predicted to ravage yields in some nations, ending hunger will require tough choices in the field and on the dinner table, “ the author continues.

To put it simply, we can help not only the billions of animals killed each year for food but also the 795 million people who do not have enough to eat by using the millions of acres of land currently used to grow grains to feed factory-farmed animals to grow vegetables instead.

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