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World’s Largest Food Company Launching Vegan Burgers in Europe and U.S.

With more and more people interested in plant-based eating for environmental, health, or ethical reasons, large companies are taking notice. Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, recently made headlines when it announced plans to debut vegan offerings such as the Incredible Burger—made from soy and wheat—this spring.

Bloomberg reports:
Nestle’s meatless Incredible Burger will go on sale in supermarkets in Europe under the Garden Gourmet brand this month, starting out in countries including Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. Near the end of the year, a version designed for American palates called the Awesome Burger will be available where Sweet Earth brand products are sold, the world’s largest food company said in a statement Tuesday.
Nestlé isn’t the first company to take advantage of the growing market for plant-based foods, especially plant-based meat. Maple Leaf Foods, a major Canadian meat supplier, launched an independent subsidiary called Greenleaf Foods that is 100 percent vegan. The company also owns plant-based businesses Field Roast and Lightlife.

Cargill made history in 2017 with its landmark investment in Memphis Meats, which is known for creating real beef burgers without cows and the world’s first chicken and duck meat without animal slaughter.

America’s largest meat producer, Tyson Foods, has invested in Memphis Meats and plant-based meat company Beyond Meat. In fact, Tyson recently launched a $150 million venture capital fund, Tyson New Ventures, for investing in vegan meats.

More vegan products aren’t just good for people interested in plant-based eating—they’re great for billions of animals suffering every day at factory farms. From birth to death, these animals are trapped in a nightmare: crated and caged, cut and burned, and brutally killed. With no federal laws regulating the treatment of animals at factory farms, cruelty has become the norm.

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