WOW! Supermarket Sees Vegan Cheese Sales Jump by 300 Percent

According to International Supermarket News, sales of vegan cheese at Sainsbury’s supermarkets have gone through the roof!

Sainsbury, a U.K.-based chain, announced that sales of its vegan cheese have exceeded market predictions by 300 percent. The company developed its seven varieties of vegan cheese following research indicating that the dishes most longed for by shoppers with allergens and other intolerances included pizza, cheese boards, and cheesecake.

The Daily Mail reports that the chain is teaming up with Oxford University scientists to improve people’s health and help fight climate change. Sainsbury plans to rearrange its supermarket aisles to encourage shoppers to eat more vegetables and less meat. The grocer may also place veg alternatives next to meat packets and dispense vouchers to customers who buy vegetable products.

VegfestUK organizer Tim Barford explains:
The growth in the vegan trade has been astronomical. We now need a dedicated trade event where only trade buyers and media can attend, ensuring maximum sales and exposure for vegan businesses in the UK, resulting in added accessibility for vegan consumers nationwide.
According to the Vegan Society, the number of vegans in the U.K. has increased by 360 percent in the past decade.

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