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Yahoo!: 8 Cruelest Foods

4017720299_bba4d622b2_z.jpegRecently, Yahoo! exposed the inherent cruelties in animal agriculture to mainstream readers, shedding a light on the 8 cruelest foods people eat. The article, accompanied by an item-by-item photo gallery, goes into detail about the cruelties involved in producing animal-based foods.

1. Lobsters:
Lobsters are capable of learning and have an awareness of their surroundings. Because they have central nervous systems, lobsters also feel stress and pain when kept in storage facilities for several months before being sold.

2. Shark fins: Served as a “delicacy” in Asia and the United States, shark fins are violently chopped off of fully conscious sharks before the sharks are tossed back into the ocean, no longer able to swim.

3. Veal: In the dairy industry, baby male calves are taken away from their mothers at birth to be confined in barren crates, where they are unable to move around freely for their entire lives before being slaughtered mercilessly for veal.

4. Foie gras: Ducks or geese are restrained and force-fed pounds of corn with a metal tube each day for a full month in order to fatten their livers to produce foie gras.

5. Eggs: For their entire egg-producing lives, hens are crammed into filthy battery cages where they are unable to spread their wings and are denied anything that comes naturally to them. MFA’s undercover investigation into one of the largest egg factory farms in the country documented unconscionable cruelty and violence, including baby male chicks – useless to the egg industry- being ground up alive.

6. Balut: Embryos of almost fully developed ducks are soft-boiled in their shells to be eaten as a cruel snack in Southeast Asia.

7. Beef: Cattle raised for beef are subjected to numerous painful procedures during their miserable lives on the feedlot, including the repeated infliction of third-degree burns, having their testicles ripped out, and the removal of their horns without any painkillers.

8. Pork: In the pork industry, mother pigs spend their short miserable lives confined to filthy metal gestation crates, where they’re unable to turn around, lie down comfortably, or engage in any natural behaviors.

Every time we sit down to eat we can choose to support needless suffering and violence or to promote kindness toward animals. For cruelty-free alternatives to your favorite foods and hundreds of recipe ideas, visit

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