"Cheers" to Ted Danson for Going Vegan

Ted Danson3.jpgTed Danson, the legendary actor best known for his role as "Sam Malone" in the Emmy Award-winning hit television show Cheers, announced his transition to a healthy vegan diet last week as a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Joining the growing list of celebrities going vegan to protect animals, the planet, and their health, Danson said, "I've found that eating vegan the last five or six months has really given me energy, I feel good and I look fabulous."

A longtime environmental activist, Danson narrated a documentary about the cruel fishing industry titled The End of the Line, and recently published his first book: Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans And What We Can Do To Save Them.

For tips on improving your health and helping animals by transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, visit ChooseVeg.com. Click here to order a free Vegetarian Starter Kit.

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