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“My parents started secretly adding animal products to my food after I became vegan. What should I do?

I feel you, because I also experienced this when I first became vegan. Try to understand where they are coming from. They care about you. They are simply not as informed as you are now.

Before having a conversation about the issue, become familiar with the benefits of a plant-based diet. Understand how to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need, like vitamin B12.

Find the right time to talk. Explain how important your new lifestyle is to you. Don’t expect or press for an apology, as they have probably felt misunderstood too. Be patient. Eventually, when they have accepted your change and understand that you made an informed choice, your life will be easier and your relationship stronger!

“I’m nervous about holiday celebrations with my non-veg family!

If this year is your first time celebrating winter holidays as a vegan, you might be wondering how it will go. Will there be food for you to eat? Will your family respect your new lifestyle? Don’t worry! With these easy tips, you will be ready to spend a lovely, stress-free time with your family and friends.

Ask about the menu in advance. There may already be plant-based dishes planned, or your host could make a couple of simple swaps to support you.

Be open to conversation. If people ask questions about your food, use it as an opportunity to share your reasons for going veg, good experiences, and knowledge. Set a positive, inviting tone.

Bring your favorite veg dish to share. Not only will you be satisfied, but other guests will have a chance to try hearty and delicious vegan food.

Enjoy yourself. Don’t focus on what could go wrong; rather, savor the time with your family and friends and recharge your loving and kind spirit so you can continue helping animals in the new year.


Tell everyone. Accountability is key. If no one knows you’re working hard to change your habits and lifestyle, it’s so much easier to quit. Make it Facebook official, and brace for protein questions. Ask a friend to join you.

Be prepared. Stock your pantry with plant-based goodies. Test out a few new recipes and restaurants in December. Have a couple of simple go-to meals—like vegan pizza or veggie dogs with chips—for those times when you need something comforting and familiar.

Splurge. Not all substitutes are created equal. If you aren’t crazy about the meat or dairy alternative you bought, upgrade. Your resolution won’t last long when you don’t enjoy your meals or feel like you’re making sacrifices.

Most importantly, forgive yourself if you slip up, but don’t give up. P.S. Feel free to start before Jan 1. I’m here to help you all year round. :-)

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