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Company Behind Silk and So Delicious Reports Jump in Sales

WhiteWave, the owner of plant-based purveyors Silk and So
Delicious, says sales are booming.
In fact, the company reports that its first quarter sales
were up 10 percent, or $911 million.
According to The
Wall Street Journal
, “Stripping out foreign-exchange effects, sales
rose 13%. WhiteWave said sales were in part driven by the So Delicious Dairy
Free business it acquired late last year.
More people than ever are concerned about environmental
destruction and animal mistreatment by the food industry. This puts healthy,
plant-based products at the forefront for many consumers, and WhiteWave is
seeing the benefits.
And restaurants from Denny’s to McDonald’s are focusing
their efforts on these shifting preferences. Millennials, a group that’s
exceptionally disinterested in meat, and increasingly interested in healthy veg
foods, are a driving force determining many restaurants’ success.
As the popularity of vegan foods gains momentum, more and
more delicious options are hitting
store shelves
all the time. But with the amazing variety of products already on the market, there’s
never been a better time to ditch meat.
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