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Compassion Collective Connection

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Intimate Q&As with some of our valued Compassion Collective members

Deborah Nasmyth

I am always amazed by the unique supporters who make up the Compassion Collective. Among this stellar group is Deborah Nasmyth, a hero of mine. She is a piano teacher, former competitive bodybuilder, primitive cartoonist, wildlife artist, first responder for a local wildlife rehabilitation center, and …

Cheryl Moss

I love Cheryl Moss’s journey so much and think of her as truly one of the leaders within the Compassion Collective. Cheryl has been a loyal supporter for over three years and a selfless member of the Compassion Collective since the day it was founded—she and I first met in September 2020, when she reached out about wanting to donate all the proceeds from …

Milo Runkle

Mikael met Mercy For Animals founder Milo Runkle in 2006 as the organization expanded to Chicago. Milo was 22, and Mercy For Animals had already been going strong for seven years, conducting undercover investigations, open rescues, media outreach, and much more. Mikael was immediately impressed with everything Milo was …

Jim Glackin

Jim Glackin is the definition of a superstar Mercy For Animals supporter. Throughout the years, Jim has shown up for Mercy For Animals in countless ways both big and small, and not just with his longtime financial support. Whether he’s leafleting in the streets of Chicago, …