Corporate Engagement

Mercy For Animals guides major food companies in adopting and implementing meaningful animal welfare and plant-based policies.

We Promote Food System Change

Corporations hold tremendous power and influence. A single welfare policy can reduce suffering for millions of animals. Our corporate engagement team works with companies to advance animal welfare in their supply chains while working to reduce the number of animals in the food system through progressive plant-forward initiatives.

Mercy For Animals collaborates with companies to improve their animal welfare standards in alignment with consumer, regulatory, investor, and other stakeholder expectations. In recent years hundreds of companies have adopted meaningful policies to reduce suffering for chickens raised for meat, ban cages for laying hens, and prohibit crates for mother pigs. Many deadlines for implementation are fast-approaching, and Mercy For Animals holds companies accountable to their customers and the public by urging progress reporting and published plans for full implementation. Mercy For Animals has worked with dozens of companies to improve transparency in their supply chains through annual animal welfare reports, such as the Canada Animal Welfare Scorecard, Count Your Chickens, International Cage-Free Equity Index, and Monitor de Iniciativas Corporativas por los Animales.

To reduce the number of animals in the food system, the corporate engagement team encourages companies to adopt plant-based policies that increase the percentage of their offerings that are plant-based and reduce their purchasing of animal products. We also work with companies on innovative solutions to meet their sustainability goals, such as replacing egg and dairy ingredients with plant-based alternatives.

If your company aims to advance its animal welfare standards or find innovative plant-based solutions to meet its sustainability goals, our corporate engagement team would be glad to speak with you! Reach out to us at [email protected].