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Drone Investigations

Factory farms can’t hide from our drones.


Mercy For Animals’ drone investigations provide a whole new perspective on factory farming’s devastating impact on animals, the environment, and rural communities. Equipped with high-tech video cameras, our drones fly above factory farms and slaughterhouses, capturing the nightmarish scale of these facilities.

Our drone footage has exposed open-air cesspools of toxic animal waste, piles of animal corpses, and massive warehouses in which thousands of animals suffer intensive crowding and confinement. Often viral, our drone videos have amassed tens of millions of views on social media.

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Cows are forced to live in barren corrals that can stretch for hundreds of acres. They spend months standing in dirt, mud, and their own waste.

Pigs and chickens are crammed by the thousands into windowless buildings. They never see daylight or breathe fresh air.

Environmental Devastation

Industrial farms collect millions of gallons of toxic animal waste in massive open-air pits, often larger than several football fields.

To lower the levels in these cesspits, facilities pump out the waste and spray it onto fields in a fine mist that drifts into nearby homes and schools.

Public Health Hazards

Factory farms harm surrounding communities. Farm facilities are often built around low-income neighborhoods whose residents have little financial or political power to fight back.

The stench of sewage and the noxious gases from the farms can make breathing difficult. Neighbors worry about their health and the health of their kids and grandkids.



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