Genius! Einstein Bros. Commits to Change for Chickens

It’s been a truly amazing week for chickens. One day after fast-food giant Burger King committed to eliminating many cruel practices from its chicken supply chain, the largest bagel retailer in the United States, Einstein Bros., did the same.

As with Burger King’s historic commitment, Mercy For Animals assisted Einstein Bros. in developing its policy, which applies to all the chain’s more than 600 locations.

Einstein Bros Progress for Chickens

Einstein Bros. is the latest in a wave of major restaurant companies to join what is rapidly emerging as an industry-wide trend. With chains of all types and sizes getting on board—fast-casual favorites (Chipotle, Noodles & Company), sub and sandwich shops (Quiznos, Panera Bread), burger brands (Red Robin, Shake Shack), big names (Starbucks, TGI Fridays), and smaller ones (Pret A Manger, Le Pain Quotidien)—it’s clear the restaurant industry recognizes that customers care about animal welfare.

Wendy's Chicken Torture

But one company that has yet to make this connection is Wendy’s. Despite rival Burger King’s commendable action, Wendy’s still fails to commit to ending some of the worst forms of animal cruelty in its supply chain. Please urge Wendy’s to do the right thing. Post the following comment or a polite one of your own under the most recent post on Wendy’s Facebook page:

Wendy's allows its poultry suppliers to raise chickens who have been bred to grow so unnaturally fast they are crippled under their own weight. As a result, many birds spend nearly all their time sitting in their own waste. It’s cruel and disgusting. I won’t eat at any of your restaurants until you join Burger King, Chipotle, Starbucks, and others in announcing a comprehensive chicken welfare policy!

Of course, we can most help chickens and other animals by leaving them off our plates entirely. Try these 10 delicious chicken-free products that boast all of the taste but none of the torture.
  • Calf
  • Chicken
  • Piglet

Stand up. Speak out. Defend animals.

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