Literally Everyone in the World Hates Ag Gag Except Animal Abusers

Recent court filings show how widely opposed ag-gag laws are, not just by animal protection groups, but by everyone who cares about animals, food safety, the environment, and labor laws.

Idaho’s un-American and dangerous ag-gag law was struck down as unconstitutional last year by a federal judge, but now the state is appealing that decision. Numerous groups are weighing in to let the judges know just how bad ag-gag laws really are.

United Farm Workers of America, a major labor organization that protects farmworkers from occupational injuries, sexual harassment, and violations of labor and human rights, explained that Idaho’s ag-gag law “undermines the ability of farmworkers and UFW representatives to investigate, document and report violations of farmworker rights.”

Food & Water Watch and the Center for Biological Diversity are public interest and environmental nonprofits that protect consumer rights, public health, and the environment. They stated that undercover investigations of factory farms “protect consumers and public health by filling the gap created by inadequate federal and state inspection programs. These investigations are currently the public’s best defense against foodborne illnesses.”

Meanwhile, the Plant Based Foods Association, which supports a fair marketplace for businesses that sell plant-based foods, says that ag-gag “prevents consumers from receiving and evaluating truthful information about how animal products are made.”

In fact, ag-gag laws are so unpopular that more than 60 organizations, including food safety, consumer protection, and free speech groups, have banded together to oppose them in Idaho and across the country.

Idaho lawmakers show increasingly poor judgment by continuing to defend an unconstitutional and unpopular ag-gag law and wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in the process. However, we are confident that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will uphold the district court’s ruling that the ag-gag law is unconstitutional.

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