Forget Shorter Showers... Here's How to Really Save Water

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.42.41 AM.pngFollowing the recent "New York Times" article detailing how meat production is literally sucking California dry, "Mother Jones" has released an intriguing info-graphic, showing the water needed to produce many common dairy products and some plant-based alternatives:
  • 109 gallons of water to make one stick of butter 
  • 90 gallons of water to make one serving of Greek yogurt
  • 50 gallons of water to make two slices of cheese
  • 42 gallons of water to make one scoop of ice cream
  • 35 gallons of water to make one serving of regular yogurt
  • 30 gallons of water to make one glass of milk

Not surprisingly, nondairy milks are at the bottom of the list, with a glass of soy milk taking just nine gallons of water to produce.

"Mother Jones" explains: "California is experiencing one of its driest years in the past half millennium. It also happens to also be the country's leading dairy supplier." The magazine also notes that "the water footprint of meat products is even bigger than that of dairy" and cites a "New York Times" feature on going vegetarian as a way to reduce our water usage by 60 percent!

Luckily, making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle is easy and delicious. Visit for tips and recipes to help you get started on a path toward a more compassionate and sustainable future.