German Court Rules Undercover Investigations at Factory Farms Legal

Earlier this week a German court ruled that it’s legal for activists to go undercover into factory farms and take pictures and videos if there's reason to believe that the authorities aren't doing their job of enforcing animal protection laws.

In the case, the prosecution argued that three activists who entered a pig factory farm to document cruelty were guilty of trespassing. The prosecution has now lost, and the activists have been released.

The historic ruling essentially states that entering a factory farm and filming is not trespassing, but rather a justifiable necessity. The court ruled that undercover activists are making sure that farmers adhere to animal welfare laws and regulations.

Ulf Majstrak, the presiding judge of the criminal court, found that the activists were in the right because there was a danger to animal welfare. He stated that the activists had done exactly what was needed with the means available to them.

Germany is truly a leader when it comes to veganism and animal rights.

Earlier this year, CNN reported on a study that found Germans were ditching meat for plant-based versions. In fact, a 2016 study based on 2008–2011 data estimated that 4.3 percent of Germans between 18 and 79 identified as vegetarian, with the majority between 18 and 29. Compare that to 2 percent in the United Kingdom and 3.3 percent in the United States.

Furthermore, Barbara Hendricks, Germany’s federal minister for the environment, has banned all meat from official government functions as a way to combat climate change. Additionally, Germany has banned the cruel production of foie gras.

These actions to protect farmed animals and move away from meat, dairy, and eggs will help the billions of animals who suffer miserably at factory farms.

Cows, pigs, and chickens raised and killed for food are just as smart and sensitive as dogs and cats. But at factory farms, they’re subjected to unimaginable cruelties: extreme confinement, brutal mutilations, and violent deaths.

See for yourself.

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