Guilty! Turkey Factory Farm Convicted After Shocking Video Released by MFA

Hybrid Turkeys, the world’s largest primary turkey breeder, has been convicted of animal cruelty following the release of hidden-camera video footage by Mercy For Animals Canada showing workers kicking and throwing turkeys, crushing their spines with bolt cutters, and viciously beating them with shovels and metal rods. The shocking video also revealed turkeys with gaping, pus-filled wounds and rotting eyes who were left to suffer and slowly die.

This conviction marks the first time a Canadian factory farm has been found guilty of animal cruelty as a result of hidden-camera footage obtained by an animal protection organization. Hybrid Turkeys was fined $5,600 payable to the Ontario Court.

Watch the video footage that led to this landmark conviction here:

This case graphically illustrates the cruel, inhumane, and illegal abuses turkeys and other farmed animals are forced to endure on Canada’s factory farms as well as the need for stronger laws to protect farmed animals. While MFA Canada praises law enforcement for securing a landmark cruelty conviction in this case of horrific animal abuse, the meager fine doesn’t fit the crime. This factory farm got a mere slap on the wrist for engaging in some of the most horrific animal abuse we’ve ever seen.

Luckily, you do not have to contribute to the suffering of turkeys or any other farmed animal, just simply leave them off your plate. For helpful tips and recipes, and to order a free vegetarian starter kit, please visit
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