Hey, Meat Eaters, Can You Get Through This Without Going Vegan?

1. Piglets at factory farms have their tails painfully sliced off with dull clippers. Males suffer agonizing castration. Both mutilations are done without any anesthetics. Terrible, right?

2. Egg-laying hens are confined in cages so small the birds are unable to stretch their wings, walk freely, or engage in other basic behaviors. Each has less floor space than the size of a sheet of notebook paper. Disgraceful.

3. At dairy factory farms, day-old calves are ripped away from their mothers. Male calves are slaughtered for veal, a byproduct of the dairy industry. Dairy isn’t so harmless, huh?

4. The egg and poultry industries painfully cut off the tip of a bird’s beak, usually with a hot blade. This sick practice is known as debeaking.

5. Tail docking cuts through the sensitive skin, nerves, and bones of calves' tails without any painkillers. Ugh.

6. To maximize profit, factory farms cram animals into filthy, disease-ridden enclosures. Most animals only see sunlight the day they’re carted off to the slaughterhouse. Can you imagine?

7. At dairy factory farms, cows are impregnated over and over again to produce milk. When their production slows down, they’re slaughtered for meat. Think no one is dying for dairy? Think again.

8. Because male chicks will never lay eggs and don’t grow quickly enough to be raised profitably for meat, they’re killed within hours of hatching. These babies are often ground up alive in macerators.

9. Fish are sometimes skinned alive in processing plants. As these fish gasp for oxygen, their skin is ripped off using pliers. The fish often flail and fight to escape the workers' knives. They don’t want to die.

10. Chickens raised and killed for meat have been bred to grow so quickly they frequently become immobilized under their own weight and endure debilitating pain. So sick.

11. Piglets who are sick or who aren’t growing fast enough are slammed headfirst onto concrete floors. This sadistic practice is standard in the pork industry. Still not convinced meat is the worst?!

12. Once a year dairy farmers use a propane torch to singe the hair around cows’ udders. This is known as flame clipping. Ouch!

Animals at factory farms suffer hellish lives of mutilation, extreme confinement, and constant abuse. They endure all this only to be killed in a slaughterhouse.

You can help end this needless cruelty by switching to a compassionate vegan diet.

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