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Hog Farmer, Ag-Gag Bill Sponsor Illegally Dumps 800,000 Gallons of Sh*t

Tennessee representative Andy Holt, former hog farmer and
sponsor of the state’s failed ag-gag bill, created quite a stink when he dumped
800,000 gallons of pig manure into the streams and fields surrounding his hog
farm. Holt’s lagoons were apparently overflowing with waste and Holt’s response
was simply to dump the waste in the waters and lands nearby, with no regard for
the environment or the law.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently sent a
letter to Holt indicating that absent good cause it would take formal civil
enforcement action against him. According to a Memphis
news source
, Tennessee state officials were considering taking action
against Holt at the time this happened, but were “discouraged by upper
management from doing so.
Holt’s disregard for the environment should come as no
surprise. He was the main sponsor of a controversial ag-gag bill to prevent
whistleblowers from documenting animal cruelty and criminal activity in
Tennessee’s factory farms and slaughterhouses. That bill ultimately failed. Clearly,
Holt’s staunch backing of that bill was more self-serving than it may have seemed.
This story makes clear what so many of us already knew: factory
farmers blatantly disregard the environment and the animals they abuse and
neglect to make a profit. To make matters worse, they’re fighting tooth and
nail to hide it.
The best thing we can do to protect animals and the
environment from factory farmers’ crap is to adopt a compassionate plant-based
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