Monthly Progress

Monthly Progress

April 2023

In April, Mercy For Animals helped advance global cage-free commitments. We also released a documentary revealing the suffering of fish in industrial aquaculture, inspired chefs and influencers to sign an open letter targeting factory farm emissions, and influenced governmental oversight of pig farms in Jharkhand, India.

March 2023

Last month, Mercy For Animals held our largest demonstration ever, helped secure important cage-free commitments from two major food companies, and released an undercover video investigation revealing the brutal lives of hens at a Mexican egg farm.

February 2023

In February, Mercy For Animals influenced a number of important commitments to reducing the worst suffering for chickens and pigs.

January 2023

This month, Mercy For Animals released an eye-opening investigation into Brazilian chicken farms, helped promote Veganuary, formed a partnership to bring more plant-based meals to Brazilian children, and held Kroger accountable for its broken promise. We also saw progress on the legislative front in the United States.

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October 2022

Mercy For Animals released two investigations exposing the disturbing reality of U.S. factory pig farming. We secured cage-free egg commitments from companies around the globe. In Canada, we released the second edition of the Canada Animal Welfare Scorecard.


September 2022

Mercy For Animals celebrated and inspired at its 23rd anniversary gala. In Brazil, we secured multiple cage-free commitments while expanding plant-based seafood options at a local restaurant. In the United States, a recent investigation inspired celebrity-powered action for chickens.


August 2022

Momentum continued in India with a third state in the country banning cruel confinement systems for pregnant and mother pigs. Our team in Brazil collaborated with a hotel chain to pilot a vegan coffee corner, and in the United States we brought our message to Times Square in New York City.

July 2022

Mercy For Animals achieved major legislative progress in the United States. We secured language in a federal bill that could bring plant-based meals to the military. We also hosted a volunteer event in India and landed a significant cage-free commitment in Brazil.

June 2022

We achieved significant progress for farmed animals in India. Two Indian states—Delhi and Manipur—issued bans on cruel crates used to confine pregnant and nursing pigs. In the United States, a restaurant franchise operating brands with more than 50 locations adopted the Better Chicken Commitment, a set of standards that will eliminate the worst cruelty to chickens raised for meat.

May 2022

In May, Mercy For Animals put pressure on grocery chain ALDI with eye-catching demonstrations in the Chicago area and online actions. Our call for change comes after a Mercy For Animals undercover investigator documented countless birds suffering at an ALDI chicken supplier. We also released a new video showing drone footage of pig farms.

April 2022

Mercy For Animals released an eye-opening investigation revealing the suffering of chickens at an ALDI supplier. We backed regulations banning the production and sale of eggs from caged hens in Arizona. A large demonstration in India sent a message to companies that cruel cages for hens must be abolished.

March 2022

Thanks to our generous supporters, March was a great month for Mercy For Animals. We promoted a successful United Nations resolution, achieved major meat-reduction commitments from cities in Brazil, and persuaded more companies to ditch cruel cages for hens.

February 2022

In February, Mercy For Animals released a new strategic plan to guide us in our mission for the next three years. The plan is another step toward achieving our ultimate vision of a world where animals are respected, protected, and free.

January 2022

Mercy For Animals kicked off 2022 with a positive outcome from an exposé we conducted in Canada around five years ago.

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