Impossible Foods Expands: Aims to Make 1 Million Burgers a Month!

The vegan burger that “bleeds” might soon be available in restaurants across the United States! Having debuted in Bareburgers across Manhattan recently, the Impossible Burger is sold on both coasts, but in only eight restaurants.

The company behind the plant-based burger, Impossible Foods, which is backed by business moguls such as Bill Gates and Google Ventures, is once again expanding. The 100 percent meat-free burger consisting of wheat protein, coconut oil, and potatoes made news for its unique trait among plant-based burgers: It bleeds like a beef patty.

The Impossible Burger will soon be in high production now that the company has purchased a 67,000-square-foot processing plant in East Oakland, California. The new processing plant will churn out more than 1 million burgers every month, starting this summer. Three new restaurants will carry the burger right away: KronnerBurger in Oakland, the Public House in San Francisco, and Vina Enoteca in Palo Alto.

“In our long-term plan, we will be ubiquitous,” Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown told the San Francisco Chronicle. “Anywhere that consumers go to buy meat, we intend to be there, competing side by side.”

Brown aims to make the new facility the most transparent, tour-friendly meat-production facility on Earth, admitting the bar has been set low. Tours, however, might not be available until the end of the year. Other plant-based meats are also in the works!

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