Human Resources Diversity and Inclusion Internship

What kind of work will I do as an intern?

As a human resources diversity and inclusion intern, you will work directly with our HR coordinator, recruiter, and vice president of operations to research and report on diversity issues in the animal rights movement, best practices for reaching underserved populations, and ways for MFA to better reach a more diverse audience and attract a more diverse applicant pool. Through this internship you will develop business report writing and presentation skills.

What is the deadline for submitting applications?

Application deadlines for human resources diversity and inclusion internships are September 1 for fall positions, December 1 for spring positions, and April 1 for summer positions.

How long are internships?

Limited part-time internships are available year-round. During the school year, part-time internships are available in West Hollywood and from remote locations. A commitment of up to 20 hours per week for up to 15 weeks may be required for school credit. Maximum length is based on the intern’s performance and the number of other applications we receive.

What qualifications are necessary?

Qualified candidates must be currently enrolled in or have completed a bachelor’s or graduate degree program at the time applications are submitted.

Does MFA offer school credit?

Yes. Your school should provide you with its specific requirements.

Are interns paid?

Full-time interns receive nominal weekly stipends (summer only).

Will training opportunities be offered?

Yes. Training will be provided by MFA and prior experience is not required.

How many hours a week will I work as an intern?

Full-time interns are scheduled for 40 hours each week. Part-time interns are scheduled for 12 to 20 hours each week. But we try to reasonably accommodate varying schedules for the right candidates.

Is there a dress code?

At MFA we strive to present a professional image. Interns should dress neatly while representing MFA’s human resources department.

Do I have to be vegan?

You do not have to be vegan to intern or volunteer with MFA, although we ask that you not use or consume animal products in the MFA offices or at MFA events.

Will an internship help me get a job in animal rights?

A human resources internship at MFA is a great way to learn about what it would be like to have a career within the animal rights movement and gain experience in and exposure to emerging fields. While we can’t promise anything, you will make connections that could help you land a career in animal protection in the future.