Looking to Help Farmed Animals? Here’s How to Volunteer With Us

Volunteers are the backbone of every social justice movement. Whether you’re out protesting, sending letters to editors, or simply leafleting to passersby on the sidewalk, you’re creating a ripple effect and changing lives.

Every day you volunteer, every social media post you share, and every person you interact with brings us one step closer to a kinder world. Volunteers can move mountains, and at Mercy For Animals, we are so grateful for the volunteers who help us every single day.

If you’re looking to spend some of your free time advocating for animals, here are some ways you can help.

At MFA we’ve heard stories of individuals who received a pro-veg leaflet that changed their lives (even some current MFA staffers!). Educating those around you can be easy and fun but has a tremendous impact for animals! Check this out for some tips.

Join MFA’s writers group, oINK, to send influential letters to editors that change the world for animals. We’ll periodically send you writing ideas via email (don’t worry—we won’t overload you!) to help you amplify your voice and create change for animals. Let’s use our pens for a powerful and positive impact!

Become a Hen Hero and complete our quick daily actions to help propel our campaigns into victory. The actions take mere minutes but can help millions of animals.

Whether it be for your birthday, a marathon, or a graduation, fundraising for animals is vital. Raising just $40 will print 1,150 pro-veg leaflets for distribution, and $600 purchases a drone controller for exposing animal abuse from the air!

Each year, MFA’s social media content gains billions of impressions worldwide, thanks in no small part to our volunteers and followers. One of the easiest tools you can use to help animals, dominating social media goes a long way in shining a light on animal abuse.

Sharing social media content from MFA on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and engaging with others by answering questions can take 30 seconds, but these actions can help spare millions of farmed animals a lifetime of suffering.

If you’re looking to change the world but don’t know where to start, try with yourself! Our starter guide provides tips, tricks, and vegan recipes to make it easy to switch to a compassionate lifestyle. Want more help? ChooseVeg.com has a vegan meal planner and veg support specialists who can answer questions you may have.


If you follow your passion, you can find incredibly effective ways to use your strengths to help animals. Together, we can be the generations that end animal exploitation.

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Stand up. Speak out. Defend animals.

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