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MFA Supporters March in Pride Parades Across the Country to Spread Message of Compassion

Mercy For Animals volunteers hit the streets in full force last
month, bringing their message of social justice to more than eight major North
American cities by participating in annual LGBTQ pride parades. Around the
country, activists marched behind our classic MFA logo banner bearing the
message “No one is free when others are oppressed.”
Combined, volunteers from Los Angeles, Columbus, Cleveland,
Cincinnati, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Toronto distributed over
68,000 pieces of literature, including our FRESH
pamphlets, urging compassionate people to act on their values of justice and
equality by choosing a compassionate vegan diet.
MFA’s global volunteer manager, Shayna Rowbotham, said in a

Each year, we’re humbled by the
outpouring of love as we stand alongside some of the most prominent and
compassionate members and supporters of the LGBTQ community—and each year,
we’re inspired by the hundreds of dedicated and passionate volunteers who
join us at these celebrations.

This year marked our 12th marching in pride parades. Since MFA’s
inception over 16 years ago, the parallels between LGBTQ equality, animal
rights, and other social justice movements have been an important theme in our
philosophy and message, as intersectionality is truly part of our core identity
at MFA.
Join the millions of people worldwide who have made the
compassionate decision to go vegan and reduce animal suffering.
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