MFA’s Breathtaking New Documentary Short Will Change Your Life

Cody, a compelling, 10-minute documentary short written and produced by Mercy For Animals, has gone viral within a week of its release and generated conversations at kitchen tables around the globe on the plight of farmed animals.

The beautiful and heartbreaking film profiles former MFA investigator Cody Carlson, who went to work at farms across the country in order to find out for himself how animals are treated. His life and the lives of his wife, Kim, and daughter, Bo, were forever changed by what he saw.

Featuring rare, never-before-seen footage from farms around the world, and a powerful musical score by composer Jorge Dalmau Vila, Cody is a life-changing story whose time to be told has come.

Please watch this moving film and be sure to share it widely on social media and with friends and family.