Milk … It Doesn’t Do a Body Good

Milk, it does a body good? Actually, it doesn't, according to The New York Times.

We’re told that milk is good for our bones and keeps them strong. But recent studies have not only shown that milk consumption has no role in preventing bone fractures, but that it may even increase their occurrence. And research in Sweden has associated drinking milk with an increased risk of death.

So why is milk still portrayed in such a positive light?

It all goes back to 1983 and the Dairy Production and Stabilization Act. This act mandates that the government actively promote the dairy industry in order to strengthen its position in the marketplace.

Sadly, not only are we being misled to believe that milk is good for us, but cows on dairy factory farms are suffering for it.

Just last week, MFA released a shocking undercover investigation of Andrus Farms, a dairy factory farm that supplies to Great Lakes Cheese, one of the largest cheese producers in the world.

Workers were caught on hidden camera viciously punching and kicking cows and violently mutilating them without painkillers.

Just have a look at the undercover video:

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