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Must-Hear Interview with "Eating Animals" Author Jonathan Safran Foer

Jonathan-Safran-Foer-Shankbone-2009-NYC-blog.jpgIn a new podcast posted on, Jonathan Safran Foer discusses his latest book, Eating Animals, hailed by many literary critics and activists as the best book ever written about animal agribusiness. Through provocative, in-depth questions, Erik Marcus, host of, and Foer explore complex issues, such as defining the goals of farmed animal activism and the most effective approach to attaining those goals. Foer elaborates on his "broad," "comprehensive" argument against factory farming, which includes elements that he argues appeal to just about anyone on any point of the animal advocacy spectrum.

Listen to Safran and Marcus as they discuss the research that goes into a book like Eating Animals, and the obstacles put in place by the industry in its effort to avoid exposure. 

Click here to listen to the full interview.