Ne-Yo Sheds 30 Pounds After Going Vegan

Singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, famous for songs like “So Sick,” “Miss Independent,” and “Let Me Love You,” has credited his weight loss to the plant-based diet he has followed for almost two years.

After watching What the Health, Ne-Yo vowed to change his ways, adopting a fully vegan lifestyle that completely turned his life around. He said:
Initially, I watched the documentary What the Health, and to put it frankly, it p***ed me off. It really did. I was like, let me get this straight: The person giving you the disease and the person fighting the disease are in bed together? To hell with y’all. Out of spite, I went vegan because I was like, Y’all don’t care.
The R&B singer posted a lengthy Facebook video announcing his decision to go vegan. “Thanks to the What the Health documentary, I have gone vegan, completely vegan,” he says in the video. “I ain’t messing with that meat no more. Sorry, I can’t. After watching that, I can’t do it. … It’s really a little mind-blowing how blissfully ignorant I was for so long.”

Since going vegan, Ne-Yo has shed 30 pounds, has more energy and clearer skin, and is “loving it.”

In an interview with Us Weekly, he said:
A friend told me a plant-based diet could reverse the effects of heart disease, cancer. I had tendinitis in both my knees—two weeks, brand new knees, like it never happened. I kid you not! I love it.
Now that he has “brand new knees,” we can’t wait to see more dance moves! But going vegan doesn’t just have health benefits; it also protects the planet and spares farmed animals a life of misery.

At factory farms, animals are subjected to relentless cruelty: brutal mutilations; filthy, crowded conditions; and grisly deaths. If we treated just one dog or cat the way the meat, dairy, and egg industries treat billions of animals, we’d be behind bars for animal abuse.

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