New Study: Arsenic-Laced Chicken Could Cause Cancer, Heart Disease, and Type-2 Diabetes

Chicken_-_melbourne_show_2005.jpgA recent Science Daily article details a study published by Environmental Health Perspectives which examines the widespread use of arsenic-based drugs to promote unnaturally rapid growth in chickens.

According to the article, "Chronic inorganic arsenic exposure has been shown to cause lung, bladder and skin cancers and has been associated with other conditions as well, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cognitive deficits, and adverse pregnancy outcomes."

The article further explains that meat from conventionally raised chickens harbors four times more inorganic arsenic than meat from organically raised chickens (in which arsenicals are prohibited from use), showing a clear connection between inorganic arsenic levels in meat and the use of arsenical drugs on farms.

Unfortunately, chickens raised for meat, whether organic or conventional, are subject to much of the same inhumane treatment, including overcrowding, rough handling by workers, and having their throats slit at the slaughterhouse, often while fully conscious.

The best action consumers can take to avoid arsenic-laced chicken and prevent cruelty to animals is to adopt a delicious, plant-based diet. For mouthwatering recipes and tips, visit