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NYC Announces “Meatless Monday Pilot Program to Tackle Climate Change and Obesity

On Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña
joined Brooklyn’s borough president, Eric Adams, to announce the launch of a
Meatless Monday pilot program in 15 Brooklyn schools. Beginning this spring,
the schools will serve an exclusively vegetarian breakfast and lunch every
Monday to 7,500 students. Menus will include tasty choices like crispy tofu, black
bean quesadillas, and roasted chickpea tagine.
Over 300,000 more vegetarian meals will be served in public schools under
the new program this year. This will not only spare countless animals from
lives of extreme abuse and

at factory farms and slaughterhouses but also give children a foundation in
healthy, humane, and sustainable eating.
Students themselves campaigned for the program. Now it has the
potential to expand throughout the nation’s largest school district, which
feeds almost 1 million kids each day. The announcement came in the courtyard of
PS 1—one of five NYC schools
already serving an exclusively vegetarian lunch every day of the week
“We understand that there is a climate crisis and an obesity
crisis, the mayor said. “Both of these crises can be meaningfully addressed by
adopting more of a plant-based diet. He, his family, and his events staff at
Gracie Mansion will also be going meatless on Mondays.
“We’re going to look back on this day and reflect on the changing
direction of not only Brooklyn, not only New York, but the entire country and
the entire globe, said Borough President Eric Adams. Adams is an outspoken vegan
who reversed his Type
2 diabetes through a plant-based diet two years ago
Currently over 50 school districts nationwide observe Meatless
Monday, and vegan options at schools have been on the rise for years. Earlier
this year Los Angeles Unified School District rolled out a vegan pilot program to offer more
plant-based lunch options to students.
Animal agriculture not only tortures billions of animals every year;
the industry is also a leading cause of greenhouse gas
emissions; habitat loss; and major health problems, such as heart
disease, obesity, and diabetes. Mercy For Animals applauds New York officials
for advocating a plant-based diet as the simplest and most effective solution
to these problems.
Hopefully lawmakers around the country will take a cue from the Big
Apple and put meat reduction on the agenda—and certainly not waste taxpayer
money trying to stop Meatless Monday
, as one ag-friendly lawmaker did last year.
Fortunately, each of us can take action every time we sit down to
eat. Visit ChooseVeg.com to learn how.