Oh Canada… Country Runs Out of Tofu After Spike in Veganism

Earlier this month, Canada’s food guide received a major overhaul that emphasized plant-based eating and dropped dairy as a food group. The move was praised widely by health and animal advocates alike.

Vegan eating was already on the rise in Canada. In fact, a study released last year by Dalhousie University found that nearly 10 percent of Canadians considered themselves vegan or vegetarian. And now it seems even more people are ditching meat, dairy, and eggs.

Canadian news outlets report a surge in plant-based eating after the new food guidelines were released, with tofu shortages in parts of the country. The biggest shortage is in Quebec, where 26 percent of residents eat tofu regularly. CTV News reports:
Quebec’s largest tofu producers are struggling to meet demand. Unisoya and Soyarie are working on increasing production by expanding factories, but Unisoya told CTV Montreal that they won’t be selling to big chains like Costco and Provigo until the process is complete.
This uptick in vegan eating is wonderful news for the countless animals who suffer horribly at Canadian factory farms. Mercy For Animals has released several exposés revealing rampant cruelty at some of the country’s biggest food producers.

Take a look at this video from Chilliwack Cattle Sales, Canada’s largest dairy farm:

The movement away from animal products toward humane and healthy vegan fare has never had more momentum. Join the millions of people already making the switch. Check out ChooseVeg.com for free recipes, tips, and plant-based inspiration. And if you’re in Canada, we wish you the best in finding tofu.
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