PBS Documentary Exposes Sexual Abuse of Factory Farm Workers

PBS's Frontline recently aired a hard-hitting documentary that's sure to raise awareness and hopefully spark change. "Rape in the Fields" is a harrowing look inside the sexual abuse, including frequent rape, of undocumented immigrant farm workers in the United States.

Highlighting a DeCoster egg facility, the documentary exposes not only the sexual assault of farm workers, but horrific animal abuse.

In 2009, Mercy For Animals conducted an undercover investigation inside Quality Egg of New England, a DeCoster egg facility. Our investigator documented abuses so appalling the Maine Department of Agriculture raided the facility. What resulted was a landmark civil settlement. Quality Egg pleaded guilty to 10 counts of animal cruelty and paid over $130,000 in fines and restitution.

While the victims and the abuses are different, one does not need a magnifying glass to see the connections between sexual abuse and animal cruelty. The rampant sex crimes against undocumented workers speak volumes to the cruel and violent culture that characterizes today's factory farms. Like these farm workers, animals on factory farms are vulnerable and scared, but unlike these brave women who've come forward, animals have no voice.

The most powerful stand we can take against needless animal suffering is to leave meat, dairy, and eggs off our plates. To learn more about adopting a humane vegan diet, visit ChooseVeg.com.