Progress in Canada! Boston Pizza and Earls Commit to Improved Broiler Welfare

The first half of 2017 is ending on a high note in Canada! In the past week, leading restaurant chains Boston Pizza and Earls have pledged to eliminate some of the worst forms of animal cruelty in their supply chains. These two progressive companies committed to comprehensive broiler chicken welfare standards for all their Canadian restaurants after talks with Mercy For Animals. Boston Pizza and Earls are among the most popular casual dining restaurants across the country—Boston Pizza operates 348 restaurants in Canada and Earls 56. 

This important announcement is a sign of progress for chickens in Canada. Boston Pizza and Earls join a growing list of restaurant chains committed to reducing suffering for chickens in their supply chains, including Burger King and Tim Hortons. These chains recognize that Canadian customers care about animal welfare and have responded to consumer demands. 

Boston Pizza and Earls have adopted the welfare standards set by Global Animal Partnership, which address many of the cruelest aspects of factory chicken farming. These standards include switching to breeds with higher welfare outcomes, lowering stocking density, improving litter and light quality, ending live-shackle slaughter, and using third-party auditors to ensure compliance. The new standards for both companies will be implemented in full by 2024.

So many restaurant chains are making this important public commitment. It’s puzzling that others, like Wendy’s, are not. Click here to sign our petition calling on Wendy’s to publicly adopt a comprehensive chicken welfare policy!

While the commitments of Boston Pizza and Earls will reduce unnecessary suffering for countless chickens, the best way to help chickens is to leave them off your plate. For some inspiration, check out “10 Ridiculously Tasty Vegan Products That'll Make You Quit Chicken”!