Sainsbury’s Reports Online Searches for Vegan Products Up 82 Percent!

The U.K.’s second-largest supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, announced that it would sell vegan meat right next to meat from animals at its stores for the first time. In fact, they’ll move 26 meat and fish alternatives from their current locations to the meat section.

This marketing decision is a response to declining meat sales in recent years. James Hamilton, a plant-based buyer for the supermarket chain, told The Telegraph:
We were looking at as a business the challenge we face in the future, if we sell less and less meat what do you backfill with. So we are supplementing our ranges with alternative proteins and plant based ranges. We are interested to see what happened. The general market dynamic is that meat is on the decline.
Sainsbury’s also reports that customers searching for vegan products online increased a whopping 82 percent year-over-year and that the sale of plant-based meat is up 65 percent in its stores.

There’s no doubt that veganism is big business. In the United States, a study commissioned by the Plant Based Foods Association found that the sale of vegan meat had grown an impressive 24 percent in 2018. Researchers at Xerfi found the same boom in sales of vegan and vegetarian products in France. And in the U.K., one in six products launched in 2018 had a vegan or no-animal-ingredient claim!

This move away from animal products is welcome news to the billions of animals who are exploited for food each year. At filthy factory farms, these poor animals endure horrific abuses, such as painful mutilations, inhumane confinement, and brutal slaughter.

Want to make a difference for them? Join the millions of people around the globe who have made the shift to plant-based eating. It’s simple, easy, and delicious! Check out for a ton of tips and tricks, and visit our Pinterest page for thousands of vegan recipes.
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