Images representative of the egg industry
Logo of Shake Shack with blood to show cruelty

Report Cage-Free Progress Everywhere!

Around the world, hens raised for eggs are cruelly confined in tiny cages where they can’t even spread their wings.

Shake Shack pledged to be 100% cage-free globally by 2025. To date, the company is sharing progress only for the UK and United States. What progress are they making elsewhere?

Please send an email urging Shake Shack to publish their cage-free progress in all their regions of operation.

Up to 10 hens are crammed together in cages, each bird with floor space smaller than a sheet of notebook paper.

Such confinement can cause bone brittleness, foot lesions, feather loss, fatty liver syndrome, and even death.

Many hens become trapped in cage wire or under feed trays—unable to reach food and water, they suffer and die.