SHAMEFUL! North Carolina Legislature Overturns Governor's Ag-Gag Veto

On June 3, 2015, despite overwhelming opposition by state residents, the North Carolina Senate and House overrode Governor Pat McCrory’s veto of the state’s controversial ag-gag bill.

The legislature has betrayed the people of North Carolina by bowing to corrupt corporate interests that seek immunity from criticism or prosecution. By overriding governor McCrory’s veto and enacting an ag-gag law, the legislature has sided with those who aim to keep North Carolina’s cruel factory farming practices hidden from public view and created a safe haven for animal abuse and other criminal activity. MFA is exploring all legal avenues to overturn this dangerous and unconstitutional law.

Not only will this ag-gag law perpetuate animal abuse, it endangers workers’ rights, consumer health and safety, and the freedom of journalists, employees, and the public at large to share information about something as fundamental as our food supply. This law is bad for consumers, who want more, not less, transparency in food production.

Mercy For Animals has conducted five undercover investigations at factory farms and slaughterhouses in North Carolina. See for yourself what the meat industry is trying to hide:

Wayne Farms, 2015

Butterball, 2014

Butterball, 2012

Butterball, 2011

House of Raeford Farms, 2007

Consumers have a right to know how their food is produced and how animals on factory farms are abused so they can make informed choices. But now, due to this misguided law, consumers would be wise to assume that food produced in North Carolina factory farms is the product of systematic cruelty and corruption.

The best thing we can do to help stop the suffering of farmed animals is to simply leave them off our plates. Visit today and learn more about transitioning to a humane vegan diet.