Smoked Meat Deadlier Than Cigarettes, Alcohol

Doctors from India’s Government General Hospital recently announced that meat or fish that has been smoked, or cooked directly over fire, is more harmful to human health than alcohol consumption or even cigarettes.

The doctors explain, “When meat or fish is cooked directly over fire, it gets covered with cancer-causing carcinogens.” Analysis performed by undergraduate medical students at the hospital turned up data showing that people who ate smoked meat were nine times more likely to develop cancer than people who did not.

By comparison, smokers were eight times more likely to develop cancer than non-smokers and people who consumed alcohol were only four times more likely than teetotalers.

This isn’t the first time cooked meat has been called out for health concerns. Stateside, the NIH also recently discovered a correlation between barbequed or grilled meat and cancer.

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