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Social Impact

We raise awareness, empower people to make compassionate food choices, and inspire a global community of activists.

A major shift toward plant-based eating is happening. Consumers increasingly reach for vegan products. Grocery stores line shelves with meat and dairy alternatives, and plant-based foods are rapidly gaining market share. Even major meat producers are investing in plant proteins.

Through grassroots outreach, one-on-one support, celebrity influence, and the power of social media, we open eyes and hearts to the suffering animals endure at factory farms and slaughterhouses. And we empower people with the information and tools they need to create a kinder future for animals.

Building a Movement

Our eye-opening videos, inspiring stories, and enticing vegan recipes receive billions of views each year, sparking massive change., our website devoted to making plant-based eating easier and more accessible, provides practical information and one-on-one support to move people toward vegan eating.

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide receive direct support each year from our vegetarian support specialists.

MFA’s grassroots advocacy reaches millions of people through pro-vegan guides, video screenings, and more. Join our volunteer team today.

MFA collaborates with an amazing group of celebrities and online influencers dedicated to using their platforms to advocate for animals.

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Changing Hearts

By the Numbers

9.5 Million

social media followers

3 Billion

impressions each year of MFA’s Facebook content

2 Million

annual blog visitors

250 Million

views each year of MFA’s online videos

2 Million

pledges to go vegetarian last year


one-on-one interactions with MFA’s veg support team


pro-vegan leaflets distributed last year


volunteers on the Hen Heroes team taking online actions for animals

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Your monthly gift will bring hope to suffering animals.

“What keeps me focused is to remember that we are their only hope.”

—Camilla, an undercover investigator in Brazil