Tell South Korea to Stop Burying Pigs Alive

In an effort to control the country's worst outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in history, South Korea has ordered the killing of 1.23 million pigs and hundreds of thousands of cattle, goats and deer in the past 40 days. Sparking international outrage, photos of pigs being buried alive by the truckload have been appearing in news reports around the world.

15887064.jpgAccording to the AFP, South Korea has lost about seven percent of its cattle and pigs at an estimated cost of $890 million. Shockingly, this tragedy could have been averted by a relatively inexpensive vaccine at only a fraction of the cost of the current slaughter efforts - but at the risk of a longer export ban by overseas buyers.

It is believed that the South Korean government began inoculating pigs against the disease on December 25, nearly a month after the start of the outbreak, but only in some areas of the country. In the meantime, the cruel slaughter and live burial of pigs continues in clear violation of the World Organization for Animal Health Guidelines, which South Korea endorsed five years ago.

Please help end this atrocity. Send a polite message to Han Duk-soo, the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United States, and tell him that you want the South Korean government to immediately stop burying pigs alive and to start using humane methods of controlling foot-and-mouth disease.