The Problem

Animals suffer miserably at factory farms. Mercy For Animals works to expose and end their abuse.
Extreme Confinement and Abuse

Pigs, cows, chickens, fish, and other animals raised at factory farms experience unimaginable cruelty. MFA undercover exposés have revealed routine abuse and frequent torture at these facilities, including cows kicked, punched, and dragged by the neck; piglets’ tails cut off with dull blades; chickens stabbed and stomped to death; and fish skinned and cut open while still conscious and able to feel pain.

A Pig’s Plight

Pigs endure unrelenting abuse from the day they are born. Male piglets shriek in pain as their testicles are violently ripped out and their sensitive tails cut off without painkillers. Mother pigs are crammed into small, filthy gestation crates. Constricted by metal bars on all sides, they cannot lie down comfortably or even turn around for nearly their entire lives.

MFA exposés have uncovered pigs shocked with electric prongs in their eyes, bludgeoned with metal pipes, kicked, and stabbed for minutes while still conscious.

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No Compassion for Cows

Cows exploited for dairy are treated like mere milk-producing machines—constantly cycling through pregnancy, birth, and milking until their bodies give out or their milk production is no longer profitable. Calves used for veal are ripped away from their mothers and locked in crates. They are fed a low-iron milk substitute that makes them anemic. By the time of slaughter, many calves are too weak to walk.

MFA undercover exposés have caught workers at dairy factory farms dragging cows by their necks with ropes attached to tractors and viciously kicking and hitting them. Cows were tied up, shocked, and hit on their heads with sledgehammers.

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Cruelty to Chickens

Hens used for eggs are crammed by the thousands into windowless sheds and their sensitive beaks are seared off. Their intestines and reproductive organs sometimes hang outside their bodies, bleeding and causing pain. Birds go untreated and die from the horrifying conditions, and their bodies rot next to hens laying eggs for human consumption.

Chickens raised for meat are bred to grow so fast they frequently cannot even walk without pain. Air acrid with ammonia causes severe skin and throat irritation, blindness, and fatal respiratory problems. Abuse from factory farm workers is also rampant. MFA undercover footage shows workers stabbing chickens with spiked clubs, stomping birds to death, and ripping limbs off live chickens.

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Fish Factories

From the water to the cutting table, fish are agonized. They are suffocated, skinned, and dismembered, often while still conscious and able to feel pain. Crowded by the tens of thousands in tanks at factory farms, fish suffer severely from intense confinement. The conditions spur injuries and illness. Fish often lose their eyesight or become infected with parasites.

Fish slaughterhouses are no less horrific. An MFA exposé at a U.S. catfish-slaughter facility uncovered a grisly reality—fish flailing in buckets gasping for oxygen, skinned fish still moving on the cutting table, and workers tearing the heads off live fish.

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Tormented Turkeys

Bred to grow unnaturally fast, turkeys at factory farms often suffer heart attacks and debilitating leg deformities. They live most of their lives crammed together inside large sheds. At just five months old, they are killed.

At slaughter, birds are ripped from their transport crates and violently thrust upside down into metal shackles. Many birds struggle to breathe. Others suffer broken bones. They are painfully dragged through electrified water before their throats are cut open—often while the animals are still conscious. Many birds are scalded alive in feather-removal tanks.

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