This Is Why We Don’t Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

Most of us grew up eating turkey on Thanksgiving. In fact, so many Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving that more than 45 million birds are slaughtered just for the holiday.

Lilydale, 2016

But many people never think about what the lives of those turkeys are like before they reach our Thanksgiving dinner tables.

Butterball, 2014

The truth is that turkeys, just like all birds raised for food, endure hellish lives on modern farms from the moment they’re born until they’re violently killed.

Hybrid Turkeys, 2014

Mercy For Animals has conducted four undercover investigations on turkey factory farms in the United States and at two at facilities in Canada. 

Butterball, 2012

Here are some of the appalling abuses we've uncovered:
  • Workers kicking, stomping on, dragging, and throwing turkeys
  • Baby birds being ground up alive in giant macerating machines
  • Turkeys having their toes and beaks cut or burned off without painkillers
  • Injured turkeys left to suffer and die without veterinary care.
Turkeys are just as sensitive and intelligent as the dogs and cats we love at home. This senseless and horrifying abuse flies in the face of everything Thanksgiving is about: compassion and gratitude.

Butterball, 2011

This year, make the compassionate choice to leave turkey off your Thanksgiving dinner menu. Visit today to learn more.