Transport Truck Overturns on Kentucky Highway, Killing More Than 20 Pigs

On Wednesday morning in Louisville, Kentucky, a truck hauling pigs overturned on an expressway ramp. The truck smashed on its side, throwing dozens of pigs onto the road.

As a bulldozer was brought in to remove the dead bodies, the pigs who survived roamed the scene in shock and fear. Of the 178 pigs inside the tractor-trailer, 110 were either killed in the crash or euthanized because of injuries.

This is far from the first time a horrific disaster like this has occurred. As recently as February of this year, a truck loaded with cows bound for slaughter was traveling down icy roads in Canada to a Tyson plant in Washington state when it slipped off the road and slid down an embankment. The vehicle narrowly missed falling into a freezing river.

Last October, a transport truck carrying more than 80 cows overturned, causing chaos on I-285 in Georgia. Sadly, 11 cows reportedly died. The department of transportation captured a few dozen who had escaped, and authorities worked into the night to find the remaining 50 cows.

In June 2018, a truck carrying over 5,000 chickens overturned on a highway in Washington state, killing hundreds of birds. Local animal rights activists rushed to the scene to save as many birds as they could, but they were met by workers from Foster Farms collecting the chickens for slaughter.

The list of incidents goes on and on. Animals transported to slaughterhouses and factory farms are treated as mere objects, despite being just as sensitive and intelligent as the dogs and cats we know and love.

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