Tyson Recalls 36,000 Pounds of Chicken Nuggets for Rubber Contamination

Tyson Foods is recalling about 36,000 pounds of chicken nuggets after learning they could be contaminated with rubber.

Complaints to Tyson Foods regarding “extraneous material, specifically rubber,” led the Food Safety and Inspection Service to urge consumers to discard any Tyson White Meat Panko Chicken Nuggets purchased since November 26, 2018, CNN reports. Consumers found small pieces of soft, blue rubber in the nuggets.

The five-pound bags of chicken nuggets being recalled were shipped to “club store distribution centers in Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Utah,” according to the company.

This isn’t the first time Tyson has recalled chicken products because of inedible material. In June 2018, the company recalled more than 3,000 pounds of frozen breaded chicken products that were possibly contaminated with blue and clear soft plastic. More than 260 packages were sent to foodservice customers in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, and Minnesota.

In 2016, Tyson customers complained that chicken nuggets were contaminated with hard pieces of white plastic. The company recalled five-pound bags of Tyson Fully Cooked Panko Chicken Nuggets and 20-pound packages of Spare Time brand Fully Cooked Chicken Nugget Shaped Chicken Breast Pattie Fritters With Rib Meat. This recall was ranked Class 1, a high health risk.

If that weren’t horrifying enough, chicken is the meat most likely to be contaminated with salmonella, according to food safety experts. The USDA found that around 25 percent of cut-up chicken meat and about 50 percent of all ground chicken sold in stores was contaminated with salmonella.

That’s not all. In 2011, the USDA reported that 90 percent of defects discovered in chicken carcasses at slaughter plants involved “visible fecal contamination that was missed by company employees.” Yikes!

Chicken products are disturbing for reasons beyond rubber, plastic, fecal, and salmonella contamination. Numerous undercover investigations by Mercy For Animals have found horrific animal cruelty at factory farms. In fact, chickens lead some of the most miserable lives of all farmed animals and make up 95 percent of the land animals raised and killed for food in the U.S.

Video taken at a Tyson slaughterhouse revealed birds getting their heads ripped off while still alive and chirping and birds painfully shocked with electricity but fully conscious when their throats were cut open. Workers were also caught violently punching, throwing, and otherwise maliciously torturing birds.

With all this uncertainty about the safety of chicken, is it worth it? The best way to avoid salmonella and other contaminants and prevent animal abuse is to end our support of the chicken industry. Visit ChooseVeg.com to get started and check out our list of the best vegan chicken products you should try.
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