Tortured for Tyson

Shocking Undercover Investigation Reveals Sadistic Cruelty to Pigs

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A brand-new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation has uncovered some of the most sadistic animal abuse we have ever seen at a Tyson Foods hog factory farm in Oklahoma.

The hidden-camera video footage shows the following:

  • Workers viciously punching, kicking, beating, and violently shaking animals and pulling out their hair
  • Piglets having their tails hacked off and their testicles ripped out of their bodies without painkillers
  • Workers slamming conscious piglets headfirst against the ground and spiking them like footballs
  • Pregnant pigs confined to tiny, maggot-infested gestation crates barely able to move for their entire lives
  • Workers shoving their fingers into pigs’ eyes and hitting them with wooden boards
  • Piglets left to suffer and slowly die on dead piles without proper veterinary care
  • A worker throwing a heavy bowling ball at a pig’s head

News of MFA’s newest investigation broke this morning on NBC National News.

Law enforcement is currently investigating and we are confident that the workers caught on video maliciously abusing animals will be arrested and convicted of criminal cruelty to animals.

But even after these workers are brought to justice, mother pigs and their piglets will continue to suffer unimaginable abuse at the hands of Tyson Foods.

In fact, some of the worst forms of cruelty we documented at this facility are considered standard and acceptable practice by Tyson, including locking mother pigs for their entire lives in cruel gestation crates barely larger than their own bodies.

Such inhumane confinement of these sensitive and intelligent animals leads to deprivation, injury, isolation, frustration, and depression.

This cruelty must end.

We need your help in calling on Tyson to put an end to one of the cruelest factory farming practices by ditching gestation crates.

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And remember, the best way to help pigs and other farmed animals is simply to stop eating them and adopt a compassionate vegan diet.