Victory! Mexico Passes Resolution to Serve Kids Vegan Meals

Animal welfare and public health advocates just gained a major victory in Mexico! This week, the Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union passed a resolution urging the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) and the National System for Integral Development of the Family (DIF) to serve meat- and egg-free meals one day a week. The resolution is meant as a practical means for fighting childhood obesity, which affects millions of children in Mexico.

Indeed, these officials are on to something. One recent study found a vegetarian diet to be almost twice as effective for weight loss as typical caloric-restriction diets—and this is just a vegetarian diet, not a vegan one. A whole-food, plant-based diet is also proven to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a host of other ailments that Mexico’s government is wise to ward off.

The effort, led by Deputy Jesus Valencia Guzman of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, is applauded by Come Consciente, MFA's health-focused food policy program in Mexico. Come Consciente works with schools, hospitals, universities, community kitchens, and other institutions to serve more plant-based meals to improve human health and protect the environment.

“We look forward to making this resolution a reality by working with schools and DIF chapters across Mexico to improve the health of children and families by committing to serving meat- and egg-free meals one day a week,” said Coral Gonzalez, food policy specialist for Come Consciente. “This one simple change will greatly improve our health and environment, and as a nonprofit program, Come Consciente is here to offer support, menu consultation, chef training, and our official seal at no cost."

If implemented, the resolution would make a huge impact. If every full-time public school and DIF community kitchen followed the recommendation, 150 million more vegan meals would be served per year in Mexico!

To voice your support or learn more about Come Consciente and the free healthy-eating resources it provides to schools, hospitals, universities, community kitchens, and other institutions, visit

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