VIRAL Video: Blood and Guts From Fish Slaughterhouse Dumped Into British Columbia's Waters

According to the BBC, a disturbing video from a diver raises concerns that a fish slaughterhouse is dumping blood and guts into waterways.

The footage, taken by photographer Tavish Campbell during dives between Vancouver Island and the mainland, shows what appears to be a pipe releasing red waste into otherwise clear water. “I was just in shock,” Campbell exclaimed. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was grossed out at the same time I was feeling mad.”

Campbell collected samples of the red water, which tested positive for pathogens potentially harmful to wild fish populations. Nearby plants slaughter Atlantic salmon who come from open-net fish factory farms in the area.

George Heyman, British Columbia's environment minister, called the footage "very graphic" and said that the plant's permits would be investigated and the collected samples independently reviewed.

The devastating piscine reovirus has been present in BC's industrial fish farms for years, but researchers suggest the virus may be a "causative agent" of heart and skeletal muscle inflammation disease in fish.

Recent undercover footage of salmon factory farms off Vancouver Island reveals unimaginable horror: blind, emaciated salmon swimming in their own feces. What’s more, a 17-year report discovered that sea lice from one of the fish farms had been killing young wild salmon.

Factory farms are filthy and overcrowded, making them perfect breeding grounds for parasites. Last year an outbreak of sea lice stretched from Scandinavia to Chile. Now nearly half of Scotland’s salmon farms are infested with the parasite, which feeds on blood, skin, and slime.

Salmon farming is not only filthy and dangerous but incredibly cruel. A recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology found that salmon bred and raised at fish factory farms are forced to grow at such an accelerated rate that more than half of them go partially deaf. Another study found that many farmed salmon suffer from severe depression. Known as “drop outs,” depressed salmon float lifelessly.

After their terrible lives at factory farms, many fish face particularly gruesome deaths. Despite fishes’ capacity to feel pain, the seafood industry treats these innocent beings as mere objects.

In 2011 Mercy For Animals conducted an undercover investigation at a fish slaughter facility and exposed fish being skinned alive. They thrashed and fought to escape the workers’ knives. As the fish gasped for oxygen, workers ripped off their skin with pliers.

We can withdraw our support from the cruel fishing industry by leaving fish off our plates and switching to a compassionate vegan diet. Click here to learn more. And check out these cruelty-free, sea-inspired recipes.