Viral Video Showing Pig Mourning Loss of Companion Proves How F*@ked Up It Is to Eat Bacon

A video shared on Facebook by Dutch nonprofit Hobbyvarkenvereniging shows a pig mourning the loss of a close friend.

According to the video’s description, the two pigs, Spot and Sientje, lived together for 13 years. Sadly, Sientje recently passed away, and Spot was given the opportunity to say goodbye.

The video shows Spot mourning Sientje’s death, solemnly resting his head on the body of his longtime friend.

See the heartbreaking video for yourself.

This video is proof that pigs are sensitive and intelligent beings who form deep, emotional bonds. In fact, this isn’t the first time an animal has been seen mourning. Last year several peccaries, pig-like animals native to the Americas, were caught on camera mourning the death of a fellow herd member, returning several times to grieve over and protect the body.

Pigs are considered the fifth-most intelligent animal in the world—even more intelligent than dogs. And like dogs and cats, pigs are playful and social. Despite this, the meat industry treats them as mere objects.

Pigs raised and killed for food are taken from their mothers at just 10 days old and have their tails cut off, their teeth clipped, and their testicles ripped out without painkillers. Piglets who are too sick or not growing fast enough are often gruesomely killed by being slammed headfirst onto concrete floors. Surviving piglets are packed together into filthy pens.

While a pig’s natural lifespan is about 15 years, at factory farms pigs are selectively bred to grow extremely fast, reaching slaughter size in just six months. Sows are repeatedly impregnated and confined in gestation crates, barren metal cages so small the animals are unable to turn around.

After a life of misery, pigs are brutally killed by being hoisted upside down and having their throats cut.

If the video of Spot and Sientje teaches us one thing, it’s that animals are more complex than we think. And if this story touches you but you’re still consuming animal products, it’s time you aligned your food choices with your values.

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