WOW! Costco Just Sold 1 Million Vegan Burgers in Under 60 Days

Don Lee Farms sold more than a million units of its new vegan, organic plant-based burger in under 60 days at Costco. The burger made history as the fastest-growing product in its category at the wholesale chain.

The California-based food company now plans to expand distribution of its vegan patty that “bleeds” beet juice to restaurants and retailers.

Donald Goodman, president of Don Lee Farms, said:
Interest in our Organic Plant-Based Burger has just exploded. We are just keeping up with demand and are implementing plans to expand distribution every week.
Don Lee Farms is just the latest to launch a plant-based burger. Fast-food giant McDonald’s recently made the McVegan a permanent menu fixture in Finland and Sweden. What’s more, Bareburger, Umami Burger, White Castle, and Momofuku Nishi offer the Impossible Burger—and TGI Fridays features the Beyond Burger!

The wave of people ditching animal products in favor of a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate vegan diet is impossible to ignore. The research firm Global Data reports that veganism in America increased by 600 percent between 2014 and 2017, and Allied Market Research predicts that the meat substitute market will grow 8.4 percent from 2015, potentially reaching $5.2 billion globally by 2020.

More people enjoying vegan food is great news for the billions of animals who suffer at factory farms. Cows, pigs, chickens, and fish raised and killed for food are subjected to unthinkable cruelties: tiny, filthy cages; horrific mutilations; and violent slaughter.

See for yourself.

Thankfully, with more and more delicious vegan products hitting the market, there’s truly never been a better time to switch to a compassionate vegan lifestyle.

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