Wow! This 88-Year-Old Vegan May Be the Oldest Person to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

According to CBS Denver, Colorado resident Fred Distelhorst may have set a world record as the oldest person ever to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

On July 20, the retired dentist ascended Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the world’s highest peaks, with his 22-year-old granddaughter, Ellen Edgerton, to raise money to help a community home in Kenya for orphaned or vulnerable children.

Guinness World Records is determining whether the vegan climber will be named the oldest person to summit Kilimanjaro.

When asked how he stays physically fit, the 88-year-old credited his vegan diet, adding, “I think I’m in pretty good shape even though I’m a little old guy.”

Eating a vegan diet is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Experts have discovered that a plant-based diet reduces one’s risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and more. In fact, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that long-term vegetarians live on average 3.6 years longer than their meat-eating counterparts.

Fred isn’t the only athlete to discover the benefits of a vegan diet. Tennis champ Serena Williams, NFL player David Carter, bodybuilder and strongman competitor Patrik Baboumian, and others have adopted a nutritious plant-based diet.

Don’t believe us? Watch this video of awesome professional vegan athletes!

By eating plant-based foods you’ll greatly improve your health, not to mention safeguard the planet and help animals.

Pigs, cows, and chickens at factory farms are treated as mere objects. Their short lives are filled with misery and pain. They’re subjected to extreme confinement; barbaric mutilations; and bloody, violent deaths.

Fortunately, by switching to a vegan diet you not only spare countless farmed animals a life of torture but also protect your health.

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Photo Credit: CBS