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False Goodness—Make Sure Noodles & Company Doesn’t Break Its Word

Did Noodles & Company make an empty promise? The chain boasts the motto “Uncommon Goodness.” Urge it to report progress on its chicken welfare commitment.

Six years ago, Noodles & Company pledged to ban some of the worst animal cruelty in its chicken supply chain by 2024. Now, the company has removed its policy from its website’s animal welfare page and is failing to report progress toward this goal, leaving customers in the dark.

Count me in! I’ll use my voice to call on Noodles & Company to publish progress and a clear plan for meeting its goal.

Chickens raised for meat suffer cramped conditions, effects of cruel breeding practices, and horrific slaughter methods.

Noodles & Company is making customers question whether the company has abandoned its promise to do better. You deserve the truth.

The clock is ticking on Noodles & Company’s chicken welfare policy. The chain should choose transparency over failure.