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Who We Are, How to Join, Why It’s Crucial

The Compassion Collective is integral to Mercy For Animals’ supporter base, creating a powerful impact for animals through gifts of $1,000 to $25,000 each year. This group of dedicated activists raises funds to support a significant portion of our annual budget. The Compassion Collective is at the core of who we are and why we can do this important work.

Donations from the Compassion Collective have the potential to do so much:
  • $1,000

    could help fund a paid internship that coaches new activists

  • $2,500

    could support a campaign to get more plant-based options on restaurant menus

  • $5,000

    could pay a consultant
to help an animal farmer transition to growing hemp or mushrooms

  • $10,000

    could fund a drone investigation

  • $25,000

    could fund a grant through The People’s Fund

The Compassion Collective fuels our efforts to build power and influence for farmed animals, hold decision-makers accountable for the cruelty they could end, make alternatives to animal products as accessible and popular as possible, and speed the transition from industrial animal agriculture to plant-based foods. This amazing group shares so many of our most significant successes.

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Mercy For Animals, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has repeatedly been ranked one of the world’s most effective animal protection groups by donor-advisory organization Animal Charity Evaluators and has earned Candid’s highest rating for transparency, the platinum seal. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which confirms that our key practices are trustworthy and our performance standards high.


Knowing that you are critical to speeding the global transition from industrial animal agriculture to a just and sustainable food system

One-to-one chats with our director of leadership giving when your annual gifts total $1,000 or more. Click here to schedule a time to speak with Mikael.

Monthly updates highlighting the latest impacts made possible by funding in the amount of your leadership gifts

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Compassion Collective Quarterly

an exclusive e-newsletter with insider updates, a message from CEO and President Leah Garcés, and a member spotlight

Compassion Collective Connection

a quarterly webinar series about the work members make happen and why it is so important

Meet the Compassion Collective

“Supporting programs like Transfarmation through the Compassion Collective is a powerful way to drive change for farmed animals while growing nutritious food in the process.”
Nick Cutsumpas, author, plant coach, and content creator @farmernick
“The Compassion Collective and Mercy For Animals have their feet on the ground but are aiming for a better future in the sky. This legendary organization of high ideals and real-life results deserves our greatest support.”
Seth Tibbott, Tofurky Founder
“We have supported Mercy For Animals since 2013 for the crucial work they do to expose and alleviate animal suffering on factory farms. We find their campaigns impactful and far-reaching, and they help create awareness that results in cumulative change.”
Aurora and Dan Doyon
“Nothing is going to change unless more of us make this a priority. We know Mercy For Animals is the best team to combat factory farming. Our role is to make their work possible.”
Jackie and Jacob Baskin
“I have been an activist since 1975, and working for animals through the Compassion Collective is one of the most effective ways to reduce suffering.”
Barbara Magin
“I have been an animal lover since I was a child and a supporter of Mercy For Animals for many years. The treatment of farmed animals in this world breaks my heart, but thankfully due to the bravery and hard work of this organization, change is coming.”
Virginia Kress

Meet Mikael

Mikael has been active in animal protection since 2002 and part of Mercy For Animals since 2006. When he met our founder, Milo Runkle, Mikael was immediately impressed—from the group’s messaging and branding to its organized strategy and effective use of resources. “I truly felt that every hour I donated to Mercy For Animals was an hour put to really good use,” Mikael recalled. He volunteered for six years and has served for the past 11 as a staffer in various programs, including corporate engagement, organizing, and fundraising. Today he oversees the Compassion Collective and spends his days working with supporters to ensure they stay engaged with the organization’s work and mission to end industrial animal agriculture.

Check out Mikael’s bio here. He would also love to connect through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

This year Mikael celebrated a milestone: 11 years as a Mercy For Animals staff member. You can see a bit of that journey and what the next 11 years may hold in this video.

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