How to Eat Veg

Your guide to eating sustainably and compassionately.

We have countless reasons to adopt a more plant-forward diet. From helping animals who suffer in our food system to doing our part to reduce environmental destruction, we can positively impact animals, people, and the planet.

Thank you for taking your first step in creating a more compassionate and sustainable world by choosing plant-based foods.

Each of us has the power to make an incredible impact. To get started, download our free How to Eat Veg guide today!

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Swapping animal products for tasty vegan foods can cut your carbon footprint from food in half.

Farmed animals are some of the most abused animals. Choosing vegan foods is a huge step toward sparing animals a lifetime of neglect and misery.

Around the world each year, about 80 billion land animals, along with 100 million metric tons of aquatic animals, are cruelly slaughtered for meat.